Signs of Emotional Intelligence and How to Develop Them

It is not difficult to understand that a person is emotionally intellectual. This person is a leader, fun and can easily to communicate. This person does not blame others for failures, does not try to prove that there is only one right opinion and does not criticize others. This person rarely lose self-control or raise a voice. Such a person does not humiliate other people, knows how to listen, empathize with another person’s situation, is genuinely interested in others. How to become such a person?

Know Your Weakness – Develop Your Talent

Not all of us acknowledge or even see our weaknesses. And even if we know they are, we try to hide them. After all, the more positive qualities we show to those around us, the better impression we will make. However, in the long run, our weaknesses will flow out, and the effort to please everyone will wipe out the last drops of energy. Emotionally intelligent people focus on what they have. They know their weakness but try to build their talents. Use your existing resources wisely without wasting time on looking for what might be a good thing to have.

Develop intelligence. Time to look at yourself without lies. Name your positive and negative qualities. How can you reveal your strengths? Get yourself out of negative thoughts, improve your strengths and you will see the result exceed expectations.

Understand Emotions

Sometimes emotions are very strong, as a result, it is not only difficult to control them, but also to understand and name them clearly. Emotionally intelligent people are experts of this field. They know why they feel so and what caused those feelings. Such people do not give in to madness and calmly consider how to behave in a particular situation. Before saying something, they usually think about the words, evaluate the possible impact, and analyze the situation through the prism of emotions: reflect on what they did well or badly, what emotions it caused both themselves and those around them, and get the most favorable result. They know not only themselves well but are empathetic and can empathize with the emotional state of other.

To understand emotions, you should analyze situations and look for what might have caused specific feelings. Observe the acts of people around you and try to understand how do your words or actions affect them? Do not attribute your emotions to others just because you feel in one way it does not mean others are going through the same things. Learn to distance yourself and look at the situation through the eyes of other people.

Motivate Yourself

Emotionally intelligent people can motivate themselves. As a result, there is no surprise that they are achieving goals more often, and their determination and perseverance are crowned with success. The biggest reward for emotionally intelligent people is the satisfaction that they feel when they see the result they have achieved. They enjoy the execution of a process, skills development. Emotionally intelligent people persistently pursue goals and do not give up even after many failures, as a result, sooner or later they find themselves where they wanted to.